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A framework for controlling thoughts that interfere with peace and happiness.

An illustrated anthem for unity, inclusion, and loving kindness.

We each have unique talents and interests that make us special.

Explores our relationship with the beautiful endangered animals that share our planet.

Provides children an introduction to an emotional vocabulary and also provides helpful suggestions for managing uncomfortable emotions.

Provides a “call and response” verse for the most common segments of a typical day at school.

Offers a flexible, yet structured approach to embedding mindfulness activities within the classroom or other structured group

A coloring journal or naming and taming my thoughts.

We can look at every change as an opportunity to learn and grow.

We all share this beautiful planet with all of it’s inhabitants.

Provides a message of unconditional love and acceptance.

When we allow ourselves to need one another, we are one step closer to a peaceful, happy world.

Provides memorable phrases to use as a positive focus while breathing in and out for self-calming and emotional management

The words we use when we talk to ourselves in positive, encouraging ways can change our thoughts and the way we live our lives.

We are all completely different up close but the farther you get away from us, the more we look the same


Even if we can't do great things, we can do small things with great love.

This book is about living your life in a helpful and compassionate way —the foundation of our Best Friends Book Club Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

A tribute to teachers everywhere!

For all the special teachers in our lives!

The concept of mindfulness meditation is to let go of the future and past in order to spend some precious time in the present moment.

It is easy to view setbacks or obstacles to being happy and successful, but they don't have
to be

Our bodies give us important clues to how we are feeling.
When we can notice how our bodies feel,it gives us the opportunity to recognize
and manage our emotions.


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