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Many years ago, people didn’t understand what was happening during an eclipse. Across the globe, each culture developed its own explanations for this amazing phenomenon. Join us in exploring the many mythical answers to the question “Who Turned Off the Sun?” Click here to download Webquest.

People are talking about Enzo

"My little neighbor girl's birthday is April 7. She will be six. I was planning on giving it to her for her birthday, but I couldn't wait. She said she can't wait for the next book — She LOVES Enzo!"


Body Parts
an anthology of our Little Buddies Series — in one book!

Written especially for toddlers, these books help little ones learn all the ways in which bodies help all living creatures explore our beautiful world!

Get your copy by clicking here


Enzo and the Case of the Bark in the Dark

Sometimes, our imaginations can make a small fear get bigger and bigger, and scarier and scarier! Enzo learns, with the help of a friend, something new and different may not be a scary as it seems. Get your copy by clicking here

Enzo and the Case DogParkBullies.jpg

Enzo and the Case of the Dog Park Grouch

Enzo meets a grouch at the dog park.
Will he win the grouch over and make a new friend?
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Enzo and the Case of the Blankie Blues

Join Lisa's dog Enzo and all his friends as they solve the mystery of Enzo's missing blankie. Blankie Blues will be the first in a series of all-new Enzo books!

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Enzo and the Case of the Friend Who Wouldn't Play

Enzo moves to a new town and is looking for some new friends — which isn't
always easy.
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All new Social Emotional Workshops are now available for your class, school or group:

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The Thought Collector
is more than just a fun and thought-provoking anthology of poetry.It provides a unique opportunity for the reader to journal right alongside the author, with space for reflecting, doodling, jotting down ideas, writing stories or creating their very own poem on the same topic. For a video overview of the book, please click here   Available in hard and soft cover versions at Amazon!


Introducing: Traffic Jam

A guide to managing mental traffic, this program helps teachers support children in developing their executive function skills, including focus, filtering out distractions, shifting attention from one task to another, managing work speed and quality, and more! Traffic Jam is available now at our Teachers Pay Teachers store:


Setting an intention is a great way to set yourself and your kids up for a positive day! 

Feel free to download our intention cards at no charge, cut apart and then draw one at random each day!  Take a moment to close your eyes and take 10 steady, calm breaths as you focus on the positive intention.  Download here.


FREE Resources for Teachers

SEL Alignment Tool
Best Friend Books are now aligned to Ohio Department of Education Social Emotional Learning Standards. Download our FREE alignment tool here!
Download our FREE Discussion and Activity pages here!

Check us out on YouTube!

Free Social-Emotional Lessons from Lisa Combs

FREE mini lessons for teachers and parents to use in their electronic instruction, and for when kids return to their classrooms.

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Our Library

A framework for controlling thoughts that interfere with peace and happiness.

An illustrated anthem for unity, inclusion, and loving kindness.

We each have unique talents and interests that make us special.

Explores our relationship with the beautiful endangered animals that share our planet.


Provides children an introduction to an emotional vocabulary and also provides helpful suggestions for managing uncomfortable emotions.

A coloring journal or naming and taming my thoughts.

We can look at every change as an opportunity to learn and grow.

We all share this beautiful planet with all of it’s inhabitants.

Provides a message of unconditional love and acceptance.

Need Someone.png

When we allow ourselves to need one another, we are one step closer to a peaceful, happy world.

We are all completely different up close but the farther you get away from us, the more we look the same


Even if we can't do great things, we can do small things with great love.

This book is about living your life in a helpful and compassionate way —the foundation of our Best Friends Book Club Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

A tribute to teachers everywhere!

For all the special teachers in our lives!


The concept of mindfulness meditation is to let go of the future and past in order to spend some precious time in the present moment.


Provides a “call and response” verse for the most common segments of a typical day at school.

MindFun Cover.jpg

Offers a flexible, yet structured approach to embedding mindfulness activities within the classroom or other structured group


Provides memorable phrases to use as a positive focus while breathing in and out for self-calming and emotional management


The words we use when we talk to ourselves in positive, encouraging ways can change our thoughts and the way we live our lives.


It is easy to view setbacks or obstacles to being happy and successful, but they don't have
to be


Our bodies give us important clues to how we are feeling.
When we can notice how our bodies feel,it gives us the opportunity to recognize
and manage our emotions.


It is easy to say the words “I love you,” but our actions often speak much more loudly than our words.  

A peaceful, happy world is created by people who act out their love in simple but important ways. And we are never too young…or too old…to begin.



This book is unique in that it helps parents prime children for what they will do in Kindergarten but it also gives practical suggestions for parents about how they can best support their little ones for this big transition!



It is easy to get carried away by our wishes for something
we don’t have in our lives. But the key to peace and happiness
is often found in the simple pleasures of the present moment.
While we continue to hope and dream,we can choose to find joy right here, right now.  



A healthier, safer world for our family friends
and neighbors -
When we do small things to keep ourselves healthy and safe, we are also creating a healthier, safer world for our family, friends and neighbors.  “Taking Care” provides readers with suggestions of simple but important ways that they can do their part to make a difference in their homes, schools and communities.


Taking Care

Noses - cover.png
Feet Cover.png

Our latest series:

little buddies

These little 6 x 6 books are written especially for todders!

Hands cover art.png


Bright, colorful prints
(framed or unframed) 
and gift items from the books  


Tees, hoodies, and tanks for adults, babies and toddlers


Completely Different, Just the Same:

What a charming, well crafted children's story! The illustrations by Co-author
Pam Frazier are a cozy fit for the book. Very deserving of a place in
the educator's tool belt.

How To Tame Your Monkeys:

A charming book filled with simple identifications of anxieties and emotions, delivered in rhyme and paired with engaging pictures of animals sure to delight. A great addition to classrooms, libraries and professional offices dedicated to young people, or as a gift for a friend's little one. I can see this being a book that gets lots of re-reading and a good starting point for family discussions.

How To Tame Your Monkeys:

THIS. Buy it!! NOW! It's been a great tool for helping children accept their feelings, and themselves. So many of us grow up not accepting (or integrating) our "selves". This book should be read to
every child every day. Seriously.

You Can Sit With Me:

My son (age 5) enjoyed reading this book. This book was a great way to open up the discussion about including everyone at school and making sure every child/friend feels included. I plan to donate this book to his classroom.

In The Press
News and Events


Lisa Combs is a teacher, instruction/behavior specialist, educational consultant, and president of Combs Educational Consulting, Ltd., based in Greenville, Ohio. She has a 28 year career supporting children with special needs, their educational teams, and their families. She is also a university instructor, helping a new generation of teachers become accomplished in supporting children with special needs. She is a longtime yoga and meditation practitioner and has her teaching certification in both.


You can learn more about
Lisa at her website:


Visit Lisa's author's page on Amazon.


Pam Fraizer is a graphic artist, illustrator, and owner of FraizerDesigns, LLC.  With almost 30 years experience, Pam has worked with many regional and national organizations, including ACLU of Indiana, Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, Indiana Women's Fund, RecycleForce Inc., 

Richmond Civic Theatre, Richmond Shakespeare Festival, and The Starr Gennett Foundation.


To learn more about Pam Fraizer's work, visit her website at:




Apr 27



A virtual discussion on Peaceful, Calming Learning Spaces; 1-2pm

Nov 11-13



The Nation's Premier Autism and Disabilities Conference

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